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Angela Frieswyk, BSc, Dipl Herb Med, MNZAMHAngela Frieswyk, Medical Herbalist & Nutritionist

Angela Frieswyk is a registered Medical Herbalist and a Clinical Nutritionist. She has been involved with the alternative health industry for the past 26 years, in clinical practice for the past 18 years as at 2020, and draws from training in both conventional and alternative health. In 1991 Angela graduated with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, from the University of Otago.  Angela then spent seven years investigating alternative medicine and various healing modalities while co-editing the natural health magazine, Healthy Options and later became a regular writer for the NZ Journal of Natural Medicine. – see articles published. In 2001 Angela graduated from the Waikato Centre for Herbal Medicine with a Diploma of Herbal Medicine and became a registered practitioner with the NZ Association of Medical Herbalists. Angela enjoys nature adventures with her partner and daughter, including urban food foraging and exploring our wonderful countryside. 

News and Commonly Asked Questions

Consult fees and script costs: From 1 August 2021 consult fees have GST added. Prices quoted are now GST inclusive. No price change to script costs (client discount is continued) – access to quality natural medicine has been prioritised.  

Functional and blood testing: All tests require a consultation (interpretation time is often lengthy and requires your background health).  

Acute care service: free 5-minute phone consult for existing clients needing acute remedy prescriptions as supplied by Angela’s herbal dispensary or her online suppliers (eg for coughs, colds, sleep, etc). Queries outside of this are referred to a consultation or charged on a time basis. 

Covid vaccine: Sorry I do not have the answers that may influence your decision. However a recovery stand-down time post vaccination is recommended prior to bookings so that any potential side-effects are not confused with starting a new treatment. Immune support is recommended in advance of all vaccinations, including sleep/lifestyle, diet and supplements. 

Bookings: Recommended to book 1-2 weeks in advance.

Cancellations: Minimum 24-hour notice to assist with rebooking someone else. Less notice will incur a 50% cancellation fee. For protection of all, face-to-face consults cannot be done if infectious (however you can opt for a Zoom booking).

Fees – inclusive GST

Initial consult: includes 1hr face to face, research time, treatment and diet report

Adult: $150 
Under 12yrs: $80 (30-45 min)
Follow-up consult fee: $80 (approx. 30-45 min)

Script costs additional for consult fees, discount is provided for clients

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