Food Allergy & Intolerance Testing

Angela can guide clients with elimination and reintroduction diets to help identify problematic foods. This is a reliable way to observe and identify likely intolerances, however the process can be cumbersome.
When observation is too difficult clients maybe referred for functional testing to assess antibodies and inflammation markers to a comprehensive sample set of foods. This is the preferred option when additional testing is required. This technology is based on ELISA methodology, a scientifically validated lab testing technique for identifying intolerances, allergies and advancing gut inflammation markers. Blood spot samples (sample kit provided) or a blood draw (referred to Pathlab) is required with this test and your sample is sent offshore, results are typically returned within 3-4 weeks.
Alternatively, and upon client request, Angela can refer for Hair Analysis – an alternative energy testing diagnostic. Angela will take a hair sample and send to Allergenics, an independent testing service who has a long history with energy diagnostic equipment (EAV). Hair Analysis does have limitations and should not be confused with ELISA validated testing, however, may give clues to energetic disturbances. To be confident with reported results Angela will still require you to do an elimination / reintroduction diet challenge with Hair Analysis.

Consultation must precede testing.

Food Allergy

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