Hormone Testing

Hormone Testing Angela Frieswyk, Herbalist, Tauranga

A consultation is first recommended for a case assessment, then a decision can be made whether basic or comprehensive functional testing is necessary.

Blood tests: If a basic ‘snapshot’ of particular hormones is required Angela may refer for a basic blood test (eg FSH).

Salivary tests: Blood tests are sometimes less useful for checking bioavailability of certain hormones, in some circumstances Angela may refer for a salivary hormone panel:
  • Female Hormone Saliva Screen (Includes progesterone, estradiol, testosterone, DHEA).
  • Male Hormone Saliva Screen (Includes testosterone, estradiol, DHEA).
  • Adrenocortex Stress Profile – cortisol and DHEA (3 saliva samples, 8am, 4pm, 8pm).
  • Sleep Hormone Cycle Saliva Screen – cortisol and melatonin (2 saliva samples, midnight, 2am).
DUTCH Urine test: If a comprehensive evaluation is required Angela will refer for a DUTCH - Dried urine test for comprehensive hormones. This is the most accurate test to assess a comprehensive array of reproductive, stress and sleep hormones. The test also incorporates some of the Organic Acids tests (OATS), showing markers of vitamin and metabolic function.

See sample reports below (Angela will interpret and set up a treatment protocol).

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