Hormone and Menstrual Disorders

Hormone imbalances can contribute to several conditions including menstrual problems, mental wellbeing, weight gain, menopausal symptoms, insomnia, stress, headaches, PMT, low libido and more.
Herbal medicine can have a significant effect on regulating these symptoms. The same set of symptoms may be treated very differently as every woman’s background cause is different. Taking time to understand your case is essential and addressing the complexity of hormonal imbalances may require a multi-factorial approach utilising diet, exercise, stress management as well as botanical hormone modifiers.

Thorough case taking is usually enough for Angela to get a sense of why your symptoms are occurring, however in some cases Angela may order hormone tests to elicit more information (see Hormone Testing under Diagnostic Tests page).
In the case of suspected fibroids supportive medical diagnostics (scans) are encouraged. With fibroids the aim is to safely minimise risk, reduce flooding and pain, prevent iron deficiency and help women avoid hysterectomy. Any non-typical recurrent mid-cycle bleeding is also referred for medical checkup.  

Menstrual/Fertility Charting, Angela Frieswyk

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