Dealing with Stress, Anxiety and Sleep Disorders

Stress and Anxiety: Mental wellness enables you to enjoy life …. when this is hindered, things can become hard going. Natural medicines for mental health are in high demand in Angela’s clinic as modern-day pressures have stretched people to their limits. Angela is compassionate and provides a confidential place to be listened to and be further supported with a holistic treatment approach. This may involve the use of herbal anti-anxiety and mood supporting herbs, nutrients for brain and nervous system health, sedative support for sleep, plus essential diet/lifestyle advice.

Sleep Disorders: Angela, self-pronounced queen of insomnia since her teen years, has plenty of first-hand experience managing this condition naturally. If you experience sleep issues you will find Angela has personally trialled many sleep support treatments, sifting out the most useful from the least. Her aim is to encourage people to use alternative medicine to manage stubborn sleep issues before resorting to pharmaceutical. Sleep may also be intricately linked to hormonal issues; a full consultation will enable Angela to target sleep disruptors as part of an overall wellness plan.

Dealing with stress, Angela Frieswyk, Herbalist

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