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Angela Frieswyk is a Tauranga based Medical Herbalist and Holistic Nutritionist. Angela has been practicing as a Medical Herbalist and Nutritionist in Tauranga since 2001 and is experienced in all aspects of Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Naturopathy.

Angela offers a professional consultation service combining conventional and alternative diagnostics to help identify the underlying causes of ill health. She is well-known for prescribing successful treatments based on traditional herbal medicine, naturopathy, nutritional supplementation, plus diet and lifestyle changes. As a tertiary qualified nutritionist Angela prescribes a sound diet based on wholefood nutrition, balanced meal planning and helps clients effectively address food intolerances and allergies.

Angela has gained high levels of qualifications and continually researches and attends post graduate courses to ensure she is abreast with the latest developments in the fields of herbal medicine, naturopathy, diet, nutritional supplementation and alternative diagnostics. Angela is a registered Medical Herbalist with the New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists. For more information about her Tauranga based clinic see ‘About Angela’ and ‘Consultation’.

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Treatments Offered

Hormone imbalances … PMS, menstrual problems, endometriosis, fibroids, menopause, skin problems, mood disorders, etc

Thyroid imbalance … hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, sub-clinical thyroid dysfunction
Fertility and Preconception care … optimising success, minimising miscarriage, healthy mum / baby
Cardiovascular Health … blood pressure, cholesterol, inflammation
Digestion & Weight Gain … gut toxicity, intolerances, allergy, bowel problems, bloat, candida, leaky gut, SIBO, etc
Immune Support … weak immunity, unresolved infections, allergy, autoimmunity, toxicity
Stress, Anxiety and Sleep Disorders … depression, insomnia, headaches, Bach Flower support, etc
Cancer … including protective support throughout conventional treatment, optimising wellness.


Hormone Imbalances 

Hormone imbalances can contribute to several conditions including menstrual problems, mental wellbeing, weight gain, menopausal symptoms, insomnia, stress, headaches, low libido and more. Your symptoms are often enough for Angela to get a sense of your hormonal balance, however in some cases Angela may order particular hormone tests to elicit more information. In some cases blood tests may suffice, however saliva tests will give a more accurate indication of bioavailable hormone:

  • Female Hormone Saliva Screen (Includes progesterone, oestradiol, testosterone, DHEA).
  • Male Hormone Saliva Screen (Includes testosterone, oestradiol, DHEA).
  • Adrenocortex Stress Profile – cortisol & DHEA (3 saliva samples, 8am, 4pm, 8pm)
  • Sleep Hormone Cycle Saliva Screen – cortisol & melatonin (2 saliva samples, midnight, 2am)



From 1 June 2020 Angela will be consulting from a new peaceful clinic space in Bellevue, Tauranga, and will now longer be operating from Huckleberry Wild Herbs.  Angela will still be offering a full herbal dispensary for all new scripts and refills, plus access to practitioner only product lines such as Metagenics, MediHerb, Orthoplex, Eagle, Gaia and more.  

Post Covid-19 crisis: To assist with health care costs Angela is offering 15% discount on all new scripts/refills between 1 June-1 July.  

Digital consults: Remote bookings are available for those who are unwell or unable to attend face-to-face consults.  Digital consults are discounted by 15% as some diagnostic tests are not possible remotely. 

Home callouts: Available upon request in some circumstances (eg elderly).

Angela Frieswyk

BSc, Dipl Herb Med, MNZAMH

Medical Herbalist & Nutritionist

Angela Frieswyk, Medical Herbalist & Nutritionist

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